About the Company

Versal Managed Services is a trusted partner for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a wide range of managed IT and executive services.

With our team of experienced professionals, we help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure, make sound business decisions, enhance security measures, streamline operations, and provide proactive support to maximize operational efficiency and productivity.

Our goal is to ensure that businesses can focus on their core operations while we take care of all their business needs.

Dr. Tasha Green Cruzat

Co-founder | President of Executive Services

Emmanuel Green

Founder | Vice President of Managed Services

Edward Cruzat

Co-founder | Chief Relationship Officer

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Our Principles

We provide comprehensive services to address all your business and technology needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.

Proactive Support

Enhanced Trust

Comprehensive Solutions

We prioritize the security of your business by implementing robust security measures to protect your data and systems from potential threats.

Our proactive support approach allows us to identify and resolve issues before they impact your business, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and productivity.

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